mothers and daughters

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters

When was the last time you loved a picture that was taken of you? okay, let me ask this question when was the last time you loved the way you looked in let say.. a family picture that was taken with you in it? If you're like me, then you probably answered: "It has been a while." 

I know the struggle is real for some of us, at least it is for me. Ever heard the age-old saying "The Cobbler's children have no shoes", or "The Baker' children don't eat cake." yeah well i can add to that "The Photographer doesn't get their portrait taken." at least not professionally done. Outside of the studio, my personal photo's consist of my family my dog, landscapes, etc and the occasional selfies


So I began to think "I know there are mums out there just like me", that go about their lives not ever taking the time to leave behind good photos of themselves we're always the last to get in on the photos, and when it's with the family you either don't get in on the photo because you're taking it or you're in by way of a selfie.

This Lovely mother understood that taking the time to do a mother and daughter portrait session was worth the legacy to create for her daughters, because  one day her daughters will grow to have children of their own, someday and they'll have "non-selfie" images of their  mother to show to their children.

I know that life happens so quickly these days and its hard to take the time to stop and take the time to enjoy the moment of each day, we have such busy lives and it always seems like a million actvities and functions to get too. But there is no time lost when you capture moments to last a life time.

With every session i want to create something special for every mother and her daughter because it waht i would want for myself.