5 reasons brides should do a portrait session after their wedding day.

Here are five reasons every bride should do a bridal portrait session.

1. A portrait captures what your wedding photos can’t.
Wedding day photos capture the manic beauty of your ceremony and reception, but many brides will attest to those precious hours flying by in record time.
It’s hard to stop and be present in the midst of the celebration and various mishaps along the way.A portrait session allows you to sit still and seep in the romance of it all without having to jump from your chair for the next toast, dance or hug.It’s truly your moment to shine, uninterrupted and fully engaged, as the camera captures your thoughts and sentiments in a series of powerful images.

2. It’s another chance to wear your dress.
If the thought of never wearing your dress again puts a tiny crack in your heart, a bridal session is a perfect occasion to wear it again.Whether your shoot is before or after your wedding, you can don your gorgeous gown and enjoy hours of wearing it, posing in it, and relishing in the moment of how flawlessly it fits you rather than letting the ceremony and reception be the only places it gets to shine.

3. ...or not!
While some of our brides wear their wedding gown to their weddings and in their portrait sessions, others use this occasion to express more of their personality and wear something extravagant and theatrical or mod and minimal.When you subtract the guest list, the in-laws and the demands of your wedding day from the mix, your portraits become your own creation.Perhaps you both love nature but you didn’t have a chance to drive up to your favorite campground on your wedding day or had concerns about running around on the beach and ruining your dress.This is your chance to do it all... and you get to wear whatever you want.

4. It’s a completely different experience.
When you’re planning a wedding browsing options for photos, you may gloss over the idea of doing portraits, assuming they’re the same as the formal photos shot between the ceremony and reception. They couldn’t be more different. Subtract the stress, candid outcomes and the time restraints, and add in creativity, self-expression, and the storytelling.While wedding photography captures the fleeting celebration, the portraits will capture you: as a bride, as a couple, as whoever you envision yourselves to be.You won’t be rushed. You’ll have time to express yourself, to ensure you love your makeup, hair, and attire, and that you feel comfortable in front of the lens. By the end of the shoot, you will have created a visual narrative of your love for one another.

5. You bring the idea... and we make it happen.
Unlike your wedding day, where you spend countless hours dreaming up and executing your vision for the perfect tablescape, decorations, and details, during your bridal shoot you’ll work with a team of experts to arrive at the final product.Our team helps you translate your ideas into narratives for a cohesive photo shoot theme. They will then scout the perfect location, propose makeup and hair, props, and more. Rather than be stressed, you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy each step of the process.In the end, your photo will serve as a return ticket to this special time in your life for years to come, for you and all of the family and friends you hold dear. Still, have questions? We’re here to answer them. Contact us and book a free consultation to find out if our services are right for you.

carla silva

If a photo captures a moment, Carla can evoke an essence. An emotional connection with every frame. Talented and spirited, Carla Silva’s photography redefines the experience for those in front of the lens. With over a decade spent curating canvases for Toronto’s fashion editorials, her passion and inspiration has evolved. Shifting from the pages of magazines to the walls of your home, Carla now captures the moments and memories of families, friends and couples. With Photasia, she takes your basic portrait and flips its on its head. Bringing emotion to the forefront and framing it with her unbridled ingenuity, Carla transforms every image into a work of art.