We Need To Talk: 3 Things We Won’t Retouch in Your Bridal Portrait

Youve no doubt browsed wedding magazines and blogs a bit starry-eyed by the fantasy, the gorgeous brides and faerie tale dresses. Thats one of the most fun parts about planning your wedding, after all!

At Photasia we take pride in being able to create our own beautiful images authentically, utilizing artistic planning, creative set design, expert wardrobe and makeup and more. Your unique style and personality is exemplified in each portrait session, and you can rest assured the results will have you every bit as starry eyed! (For more about our process, click here.) 

Theres something we need to address, though, brides-to-be! 

Perhaps because of the Photoshop-happy beauty and fashion industry, its not uncommon for brides to request extreme retouching to create what they believe will be their ideal portrait.

Everyone wants to look their best in their bridal portrait, and sometimes our ideal selvesdont line up with what we see in the mirror. Your portrait, however, is not a chance to morph into something completely different. Its a chance to celebrate who you already are.

When were editing the photos from your shoot, you can expect things like optimized lighting and colouring to set the mood according to your theme, removal of minor flaws like flyways in your hair, and other subtle adjustments to arrive at a beautifully composed portrait.

There are a few things we wont do to your portraits in post-production mode, though, and we wanted to clarify those. 


Photoshop misconception #1 No, I cannot make you 50 pounds lighter.

Slimming down is one of the most common requests we get from brides, but were not in the business of warping bodies the way eCommerce shops are known to.

While minor retouching to the body can be expected to smooth out the image, we wont do dramatic weight adjustment with our digital paint brush. Instead, we work hard to style each bride with a wardrobe that flatters and fits her to perfection, accentuating favorite features and downplaying anything she might not want to show off.

We spend ample time on this process to ensure each of our clients feels like a superstar during their shoot and feels amazing when they see the finished portraits.

Photoshop misconception #2 No, I cannot give you a nose job.

Similar to the request above and perhaps for the same reasons, some brides try to look like someone else entirely to fulfill a fantasy during their bridal portraits. And, for the same reasons above, we wont drastically modify your beautiful face!

Youll be thrilled with the work our expert hair and makeup teams do to highlight your favorite features and downplay others. Youll receive individual attention from our team when selecting your beauty look, just like your wardrobe, and we promise youll love the way you look in every shot. 

Photoshop misconception #3 No, I cannot recreate the exact image you found on Pinterest.

We love Pinterest just as much as you do. Its a seemingly endless pool of inspiration and ideas. However, one thing we dont go to Pinterest for is anything to recreate verbatim. When youre looking at bridal portraits and getting ideas for your shoot, know that while we love for you to gather ideas, we wont recreate work thats already been done, whether during the shoot or with photo shop afterward.

Our entire team will work with you to create something spectacular and unique, just like you and your personal story.

You might classify this under tough love, but it’s all in the name of creating clarity around what we do, so that you have the best experience possible. You’re going to look stunning in your portrait, because you already are. You can trust our team of experts to deliver photos you will cherish forever.

Learn more about what its like to work with Photasia on our Process page. Ready to book a session?

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If a photo captures a moment, Carla can evoke an essence. An emotional connection with every frame. Talented and spirited, Carla Silva’s photography redefines the experience for those in front of the lens. With over a decade spent curating canvases for Toronto’s fashion editorials, her passion and inspiration has evolved. Shifting from the pages of magazines to the walls of your home, Carla now captures the moments and memories of families, friends and couples. With Photasia, she takes your basic portrait and flips its on its head. Bringing emotion to the forefront and framing it with her unbridled ingenuity, Carla transforms every image into a work of art.