Bridal Portraits: Inside This Year’s Most Exciting Wedding Trend

We had so much fun sharing our behind the scenes video here on the blog (be sure to click that link if you missed it) that today we’re diving even deeper into the inner workings of a Photasia bridal portrait session.

Though we recommend every bride have her portrait taken, many are apprehensive about booking a free consultation because they’re not sure what the session involves.

We believe that, once you realize how fun and exciting it is, you’ll be planning a bridal portrait, anniversary portraits, and more!

What is a Bridal Portrait Session Really Like? 

The first thing that happens once you book a consultation is a conversation with Carla Silva herself. She will walk you through the general framework of the experience and gauge your needs based on the kind of shoot you’re interested in.

At that point, you’ll also be offered pricing and more details about the options available to you.

Once you decide to book, it’s time to meet. This is where it gets really fun, and the creative discussion begins.
Carla will talk you through some creative concepts and you’ll be able to share your own ideas for themes that reflect your personality.The point of the whole shoot is to capture your essence and your story, so this is your chance to step into the character you’ve always felt destined to be! You can also decide your theme based on a favorite era in fashion, a beloved film or book, or an interest you’ve always had as a couple. It’s all about you.
The wardrobe, makeup and hair are determined based on your input and ideas, as well as the expertise of Carla and her team.

Location, location, location!

Carla then scouts the location for your shootand if you’ve always dreamed about doing your shoot in a certain location, she’ll try to make that happen.

A cozy campground? An ornate drawing room? A dreamy beach? Wherever you envision yourself and your fiancé in your portrait, Carla will ensure your session takes place in the best possible location for your theme.

Once the location has been chosen, Carla will put together a mood board, compiling all of the elements of your theme.

You’ll review it together, and once you approve, it’ll be time to set a date for the session. This important step ensures your dream photo shoot becomes a reality.

Before... or after the wedding? 

Some couples decide to have their session before the wedding so they can give portraits as gifts and even display one during their reception.

Other times, the bride and groom want to make the magic of their wedding day linger a little longer and they opt for a session after the chaos of their special day has settled.

The only right time to schedule your portrait session is the time you decide is most meaningful to you.

An incredible, inspiring and FUN shoot!

Ah, at last we get to the most fun part... the portrait session!

Carla and her team will arrive the morning of your shoot to prepare everything for your arrival. You’ll have a call time and specific instructions for the day of, depending on the needs of your location and theme.

You’ll get professional hair and makeup done by skilled artists and slip into your wedding dress (or any wardrobe options you’ve picked out).

The team will help you ease into a series of natural-feeling poses and moments that tell your story and capture your personalities.

With their guidance, you’ll never feel forced or unnatural. Before you know it, you’ll be “posing” almost subconsciously as Carla photographs you!

It will truly be a day to remember.

Your portraits: to have and to hold (and to share!)

Rivaling the actual shoot in terms of fun and excitement, the day your portraits arrive will be one you never forget.

A special moment in your life will be capture for all time in stunning portraits that you can access through a private digital gallery.

Of course, you’ll also have the option of getting your images printed or framed.

We can’t think of a better “thank you” gift to send to close friends and family for celebrating your wedding with you!

You can learn more about how our bridal portrait sessions work by visiting our process page or going ahead and getting in touch to book a free consultation.

We genuinely look forward to meeting you! 

carla silva

If a photo captures a moment, Carla can evoke an essence. An emotional connection with every frame. Talented and spirited, Carla Silva’s photography redefines the experience for those in front of the lens. With over a decade spent curating canvases for Toronto’s fashion editorials, her passion and inspiration has evolved. Shifting from the pages of magazines to the walls of your home, Carla now captures the moments and memories of families, friends and couples. With Photasia, she takes your basic portrait and flips its on its head. Bringing emotion to the forefront and framing it with her unbridled ingenuity, Carla transforms every image into a work of art.