Look Amazing in Photos! Poses to Avoid during your Bridal Portrait Session

One of the most frequent questions I get as a wedding portrait photographer is, How should I pose in my photos?

My answer is this: Keep it natural, whatever that means for you.

Unlike candid wedding day snaps or even a more traditional engagement shoot, portraits capture your personality, your aesthetic sensibility, and your story, all-in-one.

You may be an elegant beauty who naturally finds a more elongated pose, or have a soft personality that relaxes into the lens.

I find that my subjects photograph most beautifully, even in my most high-fashion inspired sessions, when they stop pretendingto model and let their most natural selves show.

In light of receiving this question in my inbox (once again) this morning, I thought wed do something fun on the blog today and share how NOT to pose:

Here are some poses to avoid during your bridal portrait session. 


1. The Thinking a little too hard

We know you have a lot to think about, but when your whole body shows it, your photos turn out looking a little Le Penseur.

2. The basic prom date


Theres nothing more innocent and sweet (and yawn-inducing) than the basic hand-on-hip prom date pose. Avoid!

3. The forlorn dramatic sprawl

A glamorous laydown shot is on every brides wish list... but looking like a toppled mannequin doesnt yield the best results.

4. The wait, theres something wrong with my shoe!

Its hard to know what to do with your hands if youre new in front of the camera... but heres one thing you dont need to do: hunch over and mess with your shoes!

5. The Hangover

While were on the subject of hunching, not everyone can pull off the level of bored and hungoverthat models like Kate Moss are famous for without looking... well, bored and hungover.

6. The holding up the nearest building

Sometimes attempts to strike a strong pose end up looking a little more like extremely fancy scaffolding. Dont let this happen to you! 

7. The potentially broken arm

Its best not to inspire the photographer to gasp, Are you okay?!by holding an arm like youve suddenly injured it.

8. The I dont actually want to be here

Theres a fine line in high fashion between a pose that looks understated vs. one that looks downright pissed off. Crossed arms and a scowl are that line. 

9. The wedding crasher

Unless youre bringing a devil-may-care personality to the session as part of your theme, dont let your nerves turn your body language sour. Opt for softer angles and natural expressions.

10. The stiff as a mannequin

Finally, while we reference mannequin-like poses sometimes in editorial shoots for inspiration, posing like a literal mannequin doesnt allow the camera to capture your personality. Loosen up! 


Remember: were having some fun here. Dont get too hung up on poses!

On the day of your shoot, our team will ensure you have everything you need to feel relaxed and ready to look your absolute best.

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carla silva

If a photo captures a moment, Carla can evoke an essence. An emotional connection with every frame. Talented and spirited, Carla Silva’s photography redefines the experience for those in front of the lens. With over a decade spent curating canvases for Toronto’s fashion editorials, her passion and inspiration has evolved. Shifting from the pages of magazines to the walls of your home, Carla now captures the moments and memories of families, friends and couples. With Photasia, she takes your basic portrait and flips its on its head. Bringing emotion to the forefront and framing it with her unbridled ingenuity, Carla transforms every image into a work of art.