My Story.  

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For more than 10 years I have been mastering my craft of storytelling through photography. I’m a professional portrait photographer that specializes in contemporary portraiture.

Together with my professional Hair and and Make up stylist  we can create  your very own  Vanity Fair  style photo shoot. Because you deserve it! As a woman myself I know the struggle of balancing a career life and family without losing your own identity. 

I will photography you in a way you deserve, because you and your beauty need to exist in photographs. I want your story to be told. I want you to celebrate who you are, now today just the way you are, so that you can see the true beauty you have.

Carla Silva is an award winning, published portrait photographer, living in the Greater Toronto area, Mother of a mischievous little girl, wife to a comic book geek and a lover of fine art.